4 Best Complaint Letter Template

A complaint letter template is used to file a complaint to an organization, company or a person to inform them about something they are in charge of and that has gone wrong. Complaint letters are an easy and accessible way to file a complaint against something that is not working in your favor. Complaint letters can be made in a variety of different layouts depending on your usage. These templates are in general made in decent formats since they are made for official purpose only. Once the complaint is filed through a complaint letter and the person in authority has been informed, only then an action can be taken to resolve the issue. It is recommended that one must keep that format for a complaint letter as simple and straightforward as possible.

A complaint letter template starts by addressing the person in charge or if you are not sure about the exact person then you can even write down the name of the organization being addressed. The main problem or the issue is mentioned in the first few paragraphs in clear and simple words to avoid further misunderstandings. If you have a possible solution to the issue then you can suggest the concerned organization about that or in other case you may also leave that up to them to suggest a possible solution. Complaint letters usually end with the signatures of the person writing one along with the date. Any additional information can be provided in the end of the complaint letter. That may or may not include your contact number and address.

Complaint Letter to Bank

<Your name>

<Your address>


<Postcode / City>

Dear Sirs

I wish to raise an official complaint in respect of your treatment of my mortgage account on the basis that I do not believe that I have been treated fairly. My understanding of the basis of this mortgage was that the rate would only ever vary when the base rate changed. You now seem to be telling me that you are able to adjust the tracker rate margin too. Had I known about this I would have chosen another mortgage product/lender.

I have been mislead by your financial promotions and do not believe they meet the Financial Conduct Authority (previously the Financial Services Authority)  principles of needing to be clear, fair and not misleading. I have also been advised of case law which supports the requirement for important conditions to be made clear and obvious in contracts. That was definitely not the case in the mortgage documentation which you issued to me.

I have copied this letter to the Financial Ombudsman Service to put them on notice that I will be escalating my complaint to them if I am not satisfied with your response. I understand that I am one of many thousands of affected customers and I will do all that I can to encourage as many as possible to fight you on this issue should you continue to be unreasonable.

I am also supporting a Class Action group which intends to combine resources and take a test case to formal litigation if required. In this regard, please send me copies of the following documentation:-

  1. your mortgage offer letter to me and my signed acceptance
  2. the mortgage deed relating to my account
  3. your mortgage conditions booklet relevant to my mortgage

I await your response.

Your faithfully

<Your Name>

Complaint Letter to Company

<Your name>

<Your address>

<Postcode / City>

Dear [Contact Person or Customer Service Manager],

On [date], I [service received] at [location and other details].

I am disappointed because the service you provided was unsatisfactory because (state the problem as you understand it giving as much detail as possible). To resolve the problem I would like you to (state the action you require for example, an explanation, an apology, the service performed again).

I look forward to hearing from you and to a resolution of this problem. Please contact me at the above address or by phone [give numbers].

Yours sincerely

<Your Name>

[Your Street Address]
[Your City]
[Your Postcode]

[Month, Day, Year]


Dear [“Sirs” if the name of the recipient is not known or “Mr/Mrs/Miss Surname” if the recipient is known],

I am writing to you to complain about my recently purchased [Name of Product/or service] from your [shop/website/catalog/magazine/] on [Month Day, Year] [with reference number ## (if applicable)]

[State your Issue/Complaint about the product].

To resolve the problem with [Name of Product/or service], I would like you to [Your proposed resolution].

I look forward to hearing from you.

If you need to contact me, you can reach me at:

Telephone: [Your telephone number]
Mobile: [Your telephone number]
Email: [Your email address]

Yours [“sincerely,” if you know the recipients name or “faithfully,” if you do not]

[Your written Signature]

[Your Name]

Sample Complaint Letter

Name and Surname of the Sender
Address of the Sender


Dear Mr/Mrs/Ms [name of the law firm contact]

I am writing to make a formal complaint against [name of lawyer]. My complaint is that they failed to afford me with a agreeable service when {explain what the attorney had been hired to do for you} say when this was [specific dates when the problem occurred].

My complaint is that  [list what you think went wrong or wasn’t done In the proper manner]. This situation has caused me [describe the impact this matter has had on you]. In my view, you should [describe what you think the attorney should do to put things right. Apologies? Return documents they’ve been holding on to? Do more work to put things right? Pay you some funds to compensate you for something you have lost as a result of their deprived service?].


I understand that you are required to respond formally to my complaint. I shall follow up this letter if I do not hear back from you by [give a date in about seven days’ time]. In the meantime, if you need any further information from me, please telephone me on the above number]. I look forward to hearing from you in the very near future.

Yours sincerely