Free Purchase Order Templates

Purchase Order Templates (PO templates) can save companies time, money, and hassle when creating a standard process that all vendors must follow. A purchase order, as an invoice, helps companies keep track of their orders, eliminating potential confusion to the vendor, excessive overbills, and incorrect numbers. When filling out your purchase order template, be sure to have a clearly defined set quantity for every field. Be aware that many PO templates will require you to enter shipping information in the drop-down list boxes.

Purchase order templates come in various formats. You can download them from our website or print them off if you want to save money. The design and format of the templates may vary depending on the type of support that you need. However, this website is a great place to get purchase order forms that will meet your specific business needs.

Free Purchase Order Template

Here is our Free Purchase Order Template to give you an idea of how to print a useful Purchase Order.

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Purpose of Purchase Order Template

A purchase order template is a business document sent to the seller by the prospective buyer after much deliberation from the buyer as a response to the request for a quote made by the shipping company. The document has the basic outline as dictated by the “Buyer’s Order” form that must be filled out by the prospective buyer with the acknowledgment that they have read and understood the terms and conditions set out in the “Terms and Conditions”. This form will then be submitted to the companies for review to ensure compliance with all applicable laws and regulations before the contract or sale is executed. Once the contents of the “Purchase Order” Template have been complied with, it shall be returned to the potential buyers for acceptance and signing of the contract.

Guidelines to Utilize Purchase Order Forms

Follow the guidelines for your particular PO template and enter your information where it applies.

  • Be sure to create a clear section for net 30 and net 40 as well. Most purchase order templates automatically include these fields. However, if you desire to be extra cautious or if the template you are using does not automatically include them, you may have to input them manually.
  • Another specific section of a purchase order template should be the net transfer policies. This part contains a list of items that the company will not accept for return or credit. Often, companies will specify the type of returns and what constitutes a satisfactory return. You should always keep these details in mind when editing your template.
  • The next section should be shipment verification. In this section, companies are required to provide a routing number and other relevant information. If the PO is an e-commerce-only arrangement, companies may also be asked to include the URL of the shopping cart they will use to process the purchase orders. It is important for organizations to comply with all the requirements set forth in the purchasing order forms. Otherwise, they will risk having their business shut down.
  • The other section is very general. Many companies place certain products or services on purchase order forms. These may include hazardous and controlled substances. Unless specified in the purchase order form, companies are encouraged not to put such items on their websites. There are many variations on the purchase order forms that could be confusing to employees.
  • One of the most vital pieces of information required by any form is the “Amount of Payment” information that is required to appear at the end of the form. Without the necessary amount of payment details, the contract cannot be consummated thus resulting in rejection by both parties. The use of Purchase Order Templates and forms is vital in making sure that the right amount of payment is furnished by the prospective buyer which results in a successful transaction.

Advantages of Purchase Order Templates

There are many different ways in which the supply and demand of goods may affect the market prices of such products and services. With the use of purchase order templates, manufacturers, and suppliers can predict and control how much the supply and demand will be on specific merchandise lines. By knowing the demand and supply for certain lines of goods prior to any production activities, companies can greatly increase their capacity to produce as much of a given item as possible. Likewise, it may also minimize the number of unplanned stoppages of operations caused by sudden changes in consumer preferences, spending habits, and other external factors.

Because these are often customized, it would be very difficult to make generalizations about any set of data. Hence, companies must use the best purchase order templates available to get hold of the data and information they need and make informed decisions. Using the Excel spreadsheet template for producing purchase orders is one of the simplest and most efficient ways of doing so. Many companies find it easy to maintain and track the data once it has been produced using the right formula. By saving and utilizing the Excel spreadsheet template for purchase orders, managers, and employees can readily examine the figures whenever they are required for making statistical or managerial comparisons.

One good thing about using the best purchase order templates is that they can help a company make accurate, special pricing decisions without too much difficulty. Since companies often have specific plans and specifications for each line of goods or services they offer, the purchase order form must be able to provide the necessary data to calculate allowances and make other necessary adjustments to price rates. Doing so can help a company determine whether its competitors are charging too much or if it should simply match the prices offered by its competitors to get the best results.

Aside from accurate computations, the purchase order form must also be legally binding. In cases where an agreement is not legally binding, the company could be liable for either not fulfilling all the obligations or not sending the goods on time. For this reason, companies should always make sure that they follow procedures in sending their items on time.